Thursday, March 7, 2013

◉ Sherwood RX-4105 100 Watt Stereo Receiver (Black) ◉

Cheap Sherwood RX-4105 100 Watt Stereo Receiver (Black)

Sherwood's incredibly affordable RX-4105 offers integrated preamplification and amplification, inputs for numerous audio source components, and advanced radio tuning and station access. The receiver delivers 100 watts RMS per channel x 2 for strong, clear sound across the audible spectrum-even at low listening levels. The company has lowered the amplifier's distortion relative to the previous model (the RX-4105), to less than 0.08 percent, while also giving the receiver a new layout borrowed from its higher-end components. The RX-4105 uses totally discrete amplifiers for all channels (TDAS) to maintain its high power and low distortion. Use the receiver's A and B clip-type speaker outputs to power 2 different rooms, or to biwire a pair of speakers for more efficient amplification (with A outputs driving the woofers, for instance, and the B outputs driving the tweeters-make sure your speakers are compatible if this is a key feature for you). The receiver also offers a handy 25-key remot

Sherwood RX-4105 100 Watt Stereo Receiver (Black)

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Sherwood RX-4105 100 Watt Stereo Receiver Features :

  • 100 Watts per Channel x 2 in Stereo Mode with less than 0.08% THD, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 8 Ohms
  • Switching for two pairs of loudspeakers
  • 5 Audio Inputs including Tuner
  • Quartz PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning
  • 30 Station Presets (Random)

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